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Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Gymnázium, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, nám. T. G. Masaryka 1260, příspěvková organizace, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Charakteristika: Tato práce byla vypracována jako "Béčková" otázka ke školní maturitě z angličitny, ale je možno ji využít i při státní maturitě nebo tvorbě eseje. Tato práce je psána velice subjektivně, takže je lepší ji využít pouze jako inspiraci. Je psána velice jednoduše a je snadno srozumitelná.


Reasons for travel
Different types of spending holiday
Means of transport
Things you need, when you going abroad
Dangers and problems


"There are people who like traveling and the other ones who hate it, because it can be very tiring and unpleasant and it takes lot of time in our life. There are different reasons for traveling as well. We have everyday traveling because of doing shopping, going to school or to work etc. Some people have to spend hours with transporting to the place of their work, because it is very hard to find a job close to the place of your living. I know few people who have left our country because of work. Abroad they have better conditions for work: they have better paid job or higher position in company. It is hard for them I think, because they have to leave their families and friends. Young people travel for example due to studying languages. At present they have lots of possibilities: their schools offer them language courses or they can find a part time job in foreign counties, which is ideal for learning languages. All age categories need adventure in their lives. Old and young people want new experiences and that’s reason why they visit exotic counties. I have got some friends who visited India, Uzbekistan, Russia, Vietnam or New Zeeland. It gives you memorable memories and I think that it is amazing investment, because it is something what stay yours forever. The other reason for travelling is sightseeing. My grandmother loves that type of traveling. She has visited hundreds of cities and it enriched her very much. People travel also because of shopping. It got very popular in last few years because it is very easy to find a cheap ticket and things are abroad often less expensive than in the Czech Republic.

We have different possibilities for travelling. I go to school by bus in winter but in warmer seasons I walk. Walking is ideal for me- because it is free, I have time to study and I get a better physical condition. I personally hate bicycle because I´m a very bad rider. My favorite means of transport are train and a plane. Travelling by train is very funny and adventurous. It is ideal for school trips, I think. People can sit in different wagons and there is no problem with visiting your friends in the second one. When our class travels by train we always sing. There are people who like it and the other ones who hate it but it is fun. Nowadays travelling by train in the Czech Republic is cheaper than few years ago because there are new companies for example Regio Jet which competes with Czech Railways.
I like traveling by plane because of the food. It tastes great and they serve it in small boxes and it is cute. Plane has lots of disadvantages: you have to spend hours in the airport before check-in. It is also quite expensive and there are very big taxes for luggage. It can be very dangerous as well. There is a threat of terrorism or fly accident. I am always afraid and in stress when I have to travel by plane, but it is the most fast mean of transport. You can also travel by bus. It is very uncomfortable time to time because busses are very crowded. But it is cheaper than drive a car when you are alone and it is very good for environment. Cars are very popular at present. Almost each family has a car, mainly in the country, because it is very comfortable to travel by car because you don’t have to waiting for a bus or train. People who live in the city have no problems with transporting because there are trams, trolleys, trains, public transportations and in big cities there is a metro. At present is very poplar travelling by boat. There are cruises when you spend some time on the boat. That boat always stops in a port and you have time to visit the city. Boats are very luxurious, food is delicious and on the board there is everything what you need. Some people lease a boat and sail on it."





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