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V restauraci, v hotelu

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Obchodní akademie Dr. Albína Bráfa, Hotelová škola a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Třebíč, Třebíč

Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje informace o restauraci a o hotelu. Text je uzpůsoben tomu, aby se dalo o restauraci a o hotelu hovořit zhruba 10 minut.


V restauraci - jaké existují restaurace, kdo pracuje v restauraci apod.
V hotelu - jaké existují ubytovací zařízení, kdo pracuje v hotelu, jaké jsou tam pokoje apod.


"If you are hungry and can something good to eat, you can go to pub, bar, café, pizzeria or to restaurant. In the Czech Republic, there are a lot of different types of restaurant. There are f. e. Chinese, Italian, Greek or Turkish restaurant. A lot of people go to restaurant very often because they don´t have much time to cook or they are lazy and they don´t like cooking. Nowadays fast foods are very popular f. e. McDonald or KFC. People like it because this is very fast and cheaper than food in restaurants but it is unhealthier than food in restaurant. I like going to restaurant because I like good meal and I test some new meal. I am not going to restaurant very often because food in restaurant is quite expensive. I go to restaurant with my boyfriend or my friends about five or six times for a year.
Man enters to restaurant first. He helps his woman or girl with coat or jacket. Then they can take a seat where are free seats. If you can eat in luxury restaurant, you must make reservation. If you come to luxury restaurant, there is man or woman, which asks you: Have you reservation? What is your name? Then he or she shows you to your table. On the table, each person has a knife, fork, spoon and napkin for your hands and face. There are also some salt, black pepper and a little bottle of oil and vinegar. If you have a seat, you must wait to waiter or waitress, which comes to you. He or she asks you: Would you like something to drink? Would you like something to eat? If you want eat, you say: Yes, I would like something to eat. Waiter or waitress gives you Menu. There are f.e. starters, soups, main courses, side dish, salads and desserts. Drink list is on the table usually. Then you have time to choose some meal and drink. Waiter or waitress asks you: Are you ready to order? Then you can order everything what you want. You must pay bill if you finish with your meal. You can pay by credit card or in cash. If you are satisfied with food and with staffs you can give some tips. It is about 5 or 10% percent.
Now something about people, which work in restaurant. There is a waiter or waitress. Waiter has black trousers, white shirt and black bow tie usually. Waitress is wearing black trousers or skirt and white blouse usually. Cooks and chef cook work in kitchen. They wear white trousers, white cook cap, white apron and white cooking jacket. Barman or barmaid works in luxury restaurants usually. Staff must be friendly, helpful, police and speak foreign language especially English.

There are various types of hotel, from big ones in cities to small country houses. The cost of accommodation will depend on the hotel´s star rating. One star is the lowest and cheapest. Five stars are the highest and the most expensive. A hotel has a reception area where you can ask the receptionist for all kinds of information. Nonstop reception is in big and luxury hotels. A receptionist has big responsibility. She cares for check – in, check – out and reservations. She is on charge of complaints and wishes from all accommodated. She must know everything about a hotel. She must speak foreign language especially English or German. She must work very well with PC. She must be friendly, reliable, kind, polite and tolerant. In expensive hotels there will be a doorman, who might have a uniform in the style of the hotel. He directs you to reception, parks your car and arranges for the bell boys or lifts boys to take you luggage to your room.
In a hotel, there may also be a bar and a restaurant area, a garden, a swimming pool, a tennis court and so on.
In the room there is double bed or single bed. A bathroom can be a part of the room or it can be in the corridor and shared with other guests. Te cleaning of the rooms and preparing them for new guests is organized by chambermaids under the direction of the housekeeper. They change the bed sheets, clean the bathrooms and report any breakage or missing items."



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