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Velká Británie - anglicky

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Britain can be divided into lowland and highland areas. The mountain ranges occupy about two trirds of British Isles. And tehre are Gross of mountains and hills:
1. The Highlands od Scotland are highest mountains in Britain. The highest peak is Ben Navis in the Grampians and its 1324 meters high.
2. Uplands in the South of Scotland.
3. The Cheviot Hills are on the border between England and Scotland.
4. The Pennnines (Backbone) are in the central part of northern England.
5. The Cumbrian Mountains known as the Lake District in Cumbria
6. The Cambrian Mountains are in Wales. Snowdon is the highest mountain in north Wales with heigh 1085 meters.
7. The Cornish Heights in the south-west penninsula od England.
In Britain are 2 national parks: Exmoor and Dartmoor. They are famous for ponies, moors and heath.
Rivers, lakes and canals
The bigger river is the Thames and the longest river is the Severn which is 338 km long. Other rivers are: the Trent, The Avon and the Tyne.
Lakes are in the Lake District and in Northern Ireland. Largest lake in the Lake District is Windermere and in Scotland Loch Lomond and Loch Ness.
The Manchester Ship Canal is important for freight transport and Conner Manchester with the sea.
Briatain has a temperate, maritime, humid chmate. Winters are mild and summers are not very hot.
Population is over 60 million and the density is one of the highest in the world. About 92 percent inhabitants live in urban areas. People speak English but there are also minority languages: Welsh, Scottish Galeic and Irish Galeic – from Celtic orgin.
The main exports are machinery, clothing, cars and lorries, ships, drugs, whiskey.
The main industries are therefore steel, metals, shipbuilding, banking, textiles, chemicals, electronics, aircraft, machinery.
The main products are grains, sugar beet and vegetables.
Natural rimes are coal, tin, oil, gas, salt, chalk, iron and lead."


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