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Velká Británie - maturitní otázka anglicky

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Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka stručně seznamuje s geografií a historií Velké Británie. Vypisuje vybraná zajímavá města a informuje o jejich historii a uměleckých památkách, i turistických zajímavostech.


Salisbury plains


"The British Isles are formed the two major islands of Great Britain and Ireland and more than 5000 small ones. The isles are washed off by the North Sea in the north and east, by the Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean in the west. On the south, England and France divided by the La Manche Channel.
England, Scotland and Wales together with Northern Ireland form the country officially known as THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND or simply United Kingdom.
The island of Great Britain can be divided into two regions: Lowland Britain and Highland Britain. Lowland Britain covers infantile rock of the midland, southern and eastern, while Highland Britain comprises Scotland, Wales and Pennines which are called the backbone of England. The highest mountain is BEN NEVIS and the longest river is SEVERN and the longest lake is LOCH FYNE. The bigger British lake is LOUGH NEAGH in Northern Ireland. Other river of British Islands are the THAMES, the AVON, the CAM etc.
The climate in the UK is influenced by the Gulf Stream, so it is quite warm in England but it rains fairly often. The climate is mild and humid with average temperature ranging from 4°C in winter to 16°C in summer. For tourist, the summer is the best season with longer daylight and generally fine weather, not too hot for travelling. March, April, May and June are considered to be the driest months of year.
The United Kingdom is divided into areas called counties. There are 39 of them in England, 34 in Scotland,13 in Wales and 6 counties are to be found in Northern Ireland.
Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy with the Queen Elizabeth II as a head of state. She is also the supreme commander of the armed forces and follows the advice of the Cabinet.
The British national flag is called Union Jack and it is a combination of St George’s Cross, St Andrew’s Cross and St Patrick’s Cross. The national anthem is GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. St George is the patron of England.
UK is a member of NATO, UNESCO and the European Union although with the latter the membership is different as compared to other members of EU. They keep driving on the left, they use their original currency and use old measuring units.
The country was occupied about 3000 years ago by Celts. One of the most important kings was WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, Duke of Normandy who defeated King Harold in the Battle of Hastings. In 1215 King John signed the Magna Carta. In the 13th century the parliamentary system developed. Between 1338 and 1453 there was the HUNDRED YEARS’S WAR against France. THE WAR OF ROSES was a civil war between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. The other famous sovereign is Henry VIII, who was 17 when he became king. He had six wives.
Marry I. was the first Queen Regnant. That is, a queen reigning in her owns right rather than a queen through marriage to a king. Courageous and stubborn, her character was moulded by her earlier years. Elizabeth I., the virgin Queen daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She refused to get married or name her successor as marriage could have created foreign alliance difficulties."



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