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We eat to live, we don't live to eat

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Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje maturitní otázku z anglického jazyka, která popisuje téma
We eat to live, we dont live to eat.


Speaking about food habits in czech republic, in other countries
Describing my eating habits and habits of my family


"We eat to live, we dont live to eat

I start with eating habits generaly in Czech republic. In my opinion it is still getting better and we improve our eating habits to healthier.

It is true, that our unhealthy traditional food like typical fried steak or food from fastfoods stays,
but new trends are coming and Czechs are learning to eat poultry, fish and more vegetables.
In my opinion Hunger is the worst illness .

I can say, that I am always ill. I have hunger every 10 minutes.
But that’s my problem. One day at the school we had a lunch and a boy sat next to me.

He didnt eat much and wanted to give the lunch back and I said NO! Then I ate both lunch and everybody from my class were laughing and that was so unpleseant."



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