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Work and Jobs

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"Career is very important. Everybody wants a good job. Because if you have a good job, you will earn a lot of money and money means power and respect. You must be very powerful if you want to be rich and famous. Everyone of us needs to find a job. It is very important to find the right job, because we spend one third of the day at work. And it is better to find a job which can satisfy us than to have a job which makes us sad. Many young people have to look for a job when they have finished their school, because they need money to live on. But it is very hard to find a job.
When you are looking for a job you can get information about jobs from: an advertisement, an internet, a job agency/job centre, a radio, a TV, a local cable TV or from other people. When you want to apply for a job at first you have to write a covering letter and you have to enclose your curriculum vitae. When you go for the interview it is important to be elegantly dressed, to have control of how you sit and what you do with your hands and also the eye contact is important. You should prepare some questions for interviewer about the company.
A lot of people are unemployed, because the company has given them a notice. They get only a living wage. It is given by the government. It is very hard to live on. These people should look for vacancies at the unemployment agency. They should do some casual jobs.


This difference is also in education and in the salary.
1. Blue – collar worker – is a working class person, who performs manual work.
These people need physical power and energy.They are specialized, education is at low level, for example a builder, a farmer or a fireman.

2. White- collar worker - they need higher education, they are also better paid. And they don’t need physical skills, for example an office, a manager, an accountant, a teacher or politician.

Some people work as volunteer. A volunteer is not paid for the work that they provide.


1. Salary – is a fixed regular payment made by an employer to an employee, especially a white-collar worker.

2. Wage - a fixed regular payment for work, typically paid on a daily or weekly basis.
The difference is that a salary is given monthly and a vage is a weekly payment.

In our country people work 38, 5 hours per week, often more.
• When you have a full-time job you usually work 8 hours a day.
• There are also part-time jobs when you work 3 hours a day or only during weekends or 2 days a week. For example the workers are: students, retired people, mothers with small children or handicapped people.

I dont want to do physical work. I want to work with people in an office. As an economist or a lawyer. I think that economist is one of the booming jobs today. I will finish my secondary education after passing the school leaving exam. Than I would like to study at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. I will try to have good marks at university. I believe that hard studies can bring me a better job, so I will have to do my best. I want to have a well- paid job in the future."





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