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Základní definice pojmu zdraví - anglicky

Kategorie: Sociální práce, Humanitní cizojazyčné práce

Typ práce: Seminárky/referáty

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Tato práce uvádí základní definice pojmu "zdraví" ve vztahu k sociální práci. Charakterizuje zdraví nejen jako základní hodnotu, ale také jako psychickou a psychosociální schopnost. Seznamuje s bio-psycho-sociálním modelem zdraví.


Health as a primary life value
Health as a mine of physical and psychological ability
Health is possible to understand as an ability of the normal behaviour
“Bio-psycho-social model” of “health


"In the human live the “health” presents one of the most important, necessary and existence indispensable value. How we could acknowledge in the course materials and other specialized publications, biological and mental health is influenced by numbers of external and internal factors, for example, genetic habits as the internal factor, and lifestyle or environmental as the external factors. During the development of the society views and approaches to findings of the most exact definition of the health have been changing. Staking out the “health” is not simple.
In this paper, I would like to speak about few contemporary and most frequently used staking out conception of “health” in the publications. “Health” can be understood on various levels. Sometimes, it is possible to use a definition of “illness”, for simpler understanding of concept meaning.
As I have already mentioned, health can be defined as a primary life value. Illness is in this case an undesirable and redoubtable effect which is needed to rule out of the live, because it changes the quality of the human life. With context of the primary life’s value we can define “health” in agreement with the person subjective realizing. Personal view on health is changeable over human life. It depends on sex, age and education. For example, younger women prefer psychological health whereas younger men physical health.
Simply we can deduce the third basic concept of “health” as positive contrariety to “illness”. “Health” is here understood as the state, which is characterized with absence of a somatic or a psychological ailment.
Health as a mine of physical and psychological ability: provides with assurance that we will be able to manage our survival. The level of the physical and psychological ability can be changed. Ability can be reduced or returned. Near with this is the fifth conception describing the “health” as the ability of adaptation and accommodation. The adaptation refers to some human’s characteristics which stand out as being especially significant in the survival in the environment. Thanks to accommodation it is possible “the modification of old ways of thinking to incorporate new knowledge and information”, relieves another common life. (Bláha, Šemberová; 2004, page 9) I think that it is the one of the most important conceptions for the social workers who deal with the development and the support of these abilities."



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