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Život ve městě - anglicky

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Gymnázium Evolution, s.r.o. GYMNASIUM JIŽNÍ MĚSTO, s. r. o., Praha 4

Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka z angličtiny nejprve velmi stručně zmiňuje výhody života ve velkých městech a poté seznamuje zejména s památkami a zajímavými místy třech velkých světových metropolí, Londýna, New Yorku a Washingtonu.


New York
Washington, D.C.


I this big cities is very good life for people, who love metropolitans. In this city is everything very expensive. There are everything what people need for good life, educations and jobs.
Some big cities are London, New York or Washington D.C.

It is a political, cultural and economic centre of state. London can be divided into two parts: the City of London (commercial and business centre) and the City of Westminster (historical centre). The name London came from the Romans. They called the town Londinium.

- The Tower of London - The Tower is the oldest surviving building in London Used by Romans. It used to be a Royal Palace, a Zoo, a prison and place of public executions. Today it is a museum and place there the Crown Jewels are kept.
- The Tower Bridge – is the last bridge on the River Thames. It was built in nineteen century.
- St. Paul s Cathedral - It stands on the place of previous cathedral damaged by fire in seventeen century. It is built in Baroque style and is the second largest church in the world. Lot of Royal weddings and funerals took place here and many famous people are buried here.
- The Westminster Abbey Was founded in eleventh century and was rebuilt many times.
- The Trafalgar Square Is the beautiful place with several historical sights. The Column is 49m high with statue of Lord Nelson on its top.
- The Buckingham Palace .The wonderful Classicist building which serves as the seat of the Queen and the Royal Family. It was built in eighteen century by Lord Buckingham and since times of Queen Victoria British monarchs use this Palace as a seat. In front of the Palace is the Baroque monument with golden statue of Queen Victoria.

New York
New York is largest city in the USA and an industrial port. New York is divided into 5 boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island.
- New York city is divided into 3 parts – Uptown, Midtown and Downtown
- Uptown
o Central Park
o Metropolitan Museum of Art - There are many collections of arts from foreign countries.
o Columbia University - The only one state university in NY. It is situated in Harlem
- Midtown
o Madison square garden - The most famous sport centre
o Empire state buildings - Famous buildings in NY. There is a beautiful view on the city.
o Times Square - It was called after famous magazine New York Times. Many people celebrate The New Year there.
o Rockefeller centre - It is a complex of 19 buildings. There are many shops, restaurants, cinemas, and theatres…
- Downtown
o Statue of Liberty - It is stands on the Liberty Island; statue is a symbol of freedom. It is the first thing, which you can see when you come to visit NY.
o Ellis Island is gateway to America for immigrants. The island of hopes (naděje) and fears (obavy).
o Manhattan - It is a commercial heart and financial centre of NY, there are many skyscrapers.
o Wall Street - It is a financial centre there are many banks. It is open for public.
There is a very old and dirty subway. Taxi cabs – yellow, busses. The most famous airport is J.F.K. airport, which is situated in Brooklyn.
There is a large department store in the world – Macy’s. In Rockefeller centre are many luxury shops and stores.

Washington D.C.
It’s centre of federal government and President. The area was taken from 2 states – Maryland and Virginia.


White House - its residence of president. One part is open for a public. In the corridors and hall ways, there are portraits of all American presidents and their wife. East room is decorated in white and gold, it’s use for receptions and balls. Blue room is supposed to be the most beautiful one, used to state dinners and receptions
The Capitol - Seat of congress. It’s built of white marble (mramor). It’s open for public
Washington monument - It’s a lookout tower. It’s build of grey marble. It has a nickname “pencil”
Jefferson memorial - Built in style of a Greek temple of a white marble. Inside, there is a standing statue of Thomas Jefferson (made of bronze). Sakura trees are around dedicated by Roosevelt
Lincoln memorial - Built in a style of a Greek temple. It’s built of white marble. Inside of the temple, there is the seated statue of A. Lincoln. There are 32 columns (they symbolize 32 states, which existed in the time, when A.L. died). It was built in 1914

Shopping & entertainment
There is nothing special, many small shops along the Mall. There is Pennsylvania Ave. There is museum of
African art
Transport - Busses, taxis, metro – 5 lines – yellow, red, green, orange, blue. There are 3 airports – most important is Washington national airport and Union station."





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